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Invitation to play

"They have been rumours of large numbers of vampire activity over the past two months and it has been a growing concern on my part" Intergra exclaimed, both Alucard and Seras stood in the dim lit room as he watched and listened to their master speak, "Alucard, tonight you and the police girl have been invited to a masquerade ball this evening, from the Intel we've gathered there's a group of vampires that call themselves 'The hollows' and are planing to crash the party and slaughter everyone" She explained with a cold expression on her face, Seras nodded in an understanding way and headed for the door,on the other hand Alucard faded into the shadows with a growing smirk on his face.

You released a loud sigh as you flopped onto your bed, working durning the day was exhausting to you for some reason but you've always been like that though you've been hearing voices for the past month or two now and you've  had a hard time trying work.
Throwing your legs over the bed you looked at the time; 3:55pm, you sighed once more and lifted yourself up and headed down stairs to the kitchen, upon entering you noticed the invitation to the masquerade ball, you inspected in closer and looked at the date and time you realised that it was tonight! 'Oh crap I almost forgot about that' you cursed yourself at forgetting about the event.
You headed up stairs to the bathroom and got yourself ready, not wanting to put to much make up on considering you were wearing a mask the whole night, you liked going to events like these so you always had a dress ready,
The dress was a strapless laced like maroon red with black lacing underneath with a corset like top half.

Both your neck shoulders and cleavage were exposed to show your (s/c) complexion, your hair was up in a complex braid that your mother taught you how to do, your stockings were plain black and you placed both of your black lace up boots on, you picked up your mask it was two shades of colours on the left side is the colour was black with red glitter like paint and on the right red with black glitter paint in various patterns, you grabbed your phone that was placed in the basin of the sink and looked at the time, 6:35pm 'should get going soon' you said quietly to yourself.
You called for a cab, 10 minutes later there was a beep out side you looked out your window to see the cab, you went down stairs grabbed your phone, invitation letter, your keys and mask then headed out.

Alucard and Seras arrived at the event all dressed up Seras was wearing a short dark blue ball dress long enough to hide a gun and 5 rounds of silver bullets along with her blue and gold mask, Alucard wore a black blazer with black pants, a white dress shirt, a crimson red vest and a red tie, his mask was red and black with different glittery patterns.
They surveyed the room for any signs of suspicious activity, people coming and going chatting away without a worry in the world.
You had finally arrived at the party all dressed up and ready to mingle, you paid the cab driver and placed your mask on your face then tied it and headed towards the two big doors with two security guards either side of them and a rather young looking man about your age greeted as you approached the door you handed your invitation to the man and smiled he let you through.
"Have a good evening Miss, enjoy it like it's you last day on earth" he smiled, you looked at him confused shrugging it off and walked inside the building.
As you entered the massive hall you see many people all dressed up with their decorated masks 'everything is so fancy' you thought to yourself making you way down the flight of steps to the ball room floor, you felt an uneasy feeling as though someone or something was watching you, then those voices started they were getting louder and louder you looked around to see the everyone was completely oblivious you couldn't hear the music just those goddamn voices they wouldn't stop 'no, no this can't happen now' you say trying to calm yourself down unable to block out the voices.
It was worse than before now they are getting louder and you can't stop it, then a loud blood curdling scream ripped through the air snapping you out of your panicked stated you looked up to see a a monster bitting on the neck of a woman as she tried to scream some more out of pain but was unable, then a few more screams you looked frantically to see people drop one by one, your (e/c) eyes widen as you see the monsters rip through people like rag dolls.
A loud gun shot was heard from the other side of the massive hall you turned to see a man dressed in a suit along with him a woman both guns in hand's, another shot was fired you stared at them unable to move with the feeling of fear and panic, as you watched with frightful eyes you looked around you and the dead body's of the party guests start to rise, your head started to hurt all you could smell was the coppery sent of blood you could say it was driving you mad but you don't know why, your blood felt like it was boiling under you skin and you could hear the chatter of a foreign language it was a mans voice low with a husk, unable to comprehend why this was happening you grabbed you head telling yourself to keep calm, you started to hear loud moaning and groaning around you, you looked and seen the slowly rotting corpses walking around the place then you were grab from behind you screamed.
"Shut up you pathetic meat sack!" The man said with poison on his tongue
"All you humans are the same, you're only here to feed the creatures of the night" he said as you tried to struggle out of his grasp.
"Stop squirming you bitch" he spits
As he pulls your head back and smells your hair and neck much to your discomfort then he grabbed your mask that you were still wearing and yanked it off your face.
"Well aren't you a pretty one it's a shame you'll be a waste after I'm done with you, you have the most alluring sent" he said as he licked your neck suggestively.
More and more gun shots were sounding as Alucard and Seras fought off the ghouls, Alucard heard the scream come from the girl that was standing a few meters in front of him and Seras, after most of the ghouls were dead he then proceeded to the front of the hall were he seen the female and the bastard vampire.

Alucard's P.O.V
The vampire held her with both of her arms behind her back and her head pulled back, I waited for a moment as the vampire scratched her shoulder/neck with his long finger tipped with a sharpe finger nail,drawing blood I could smell the sent of her blood it was... Quite exotic almost familiar, then I made myself known to both of them, the vampire hissed at me bearing his fangs
"So you're the one who killed my ghouls?" He spat at me,
"Yes I am, and now I'm hear to exterminate you vermin" I said with a dark chuckle as I removed my mask.
Your P.O.V
'I can't do this, my head is pounding what can I do this monster has me and I can't break free even if I tried' I said to my self then I felt a searing pain on my shoulder, I looked and there was a drizzle of blood my blood then I really started to struggle but he held me even tighter, I heard foot steps I look over to see the man I swore before deep down inside I felt like I've meet this man I can feel his presents like I've felt it before but I don't know where then the vampire and the strange man exchanged words.

"The game of cat and mice is over" He spoke voice low with a hint of amusement.
"You think that you can intimidate me the dog of hellsing, you're pathetic" he exclaimed with a psychotic look on his face.
"Ahh so you think you could best me? We will see about that" the man said as he pulled out a big black gun ready to aim and fire, you look at the man dead straight in the eye then back at the vampire.
'You're a force to be reckoned with now unleash the power that has been so carefully sealed away'
You felt your mouth go dry, your eyes rolled at the back of your head you start to feel really hot like you were on fire, you struggle the keep you eyes open you mind was racing, voices so many voices, your body was shaking, adrenaline was overwhelming you as you thrashed about you were so desperate to get out.
Everything when black
You opened your once (e/c) eyes now red as the fires in hell.
Masqurade: Alucard x Reader
Alucard X Reader
This story is also on my wattpad
Follow me if you want more
White on Black Koi by DjFawkx
White on Black Koi
White on black koi fish :)
Done be me :P
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