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Germany x Reader
..:: Only One I Want ::..

You looked at the man now standing over Germany in disbelief “Romano” you whispered as you watched him. You had always known that Romano disliked Germany but to come this far, ‘no this must have been Italy the overly obsessive Italian twat’, then you heard a grunt you snapped out of your thoughts, Romano had just kicked Germany in the side of the stomach where his stab wound was.

You couldn’t take it anymore you felt a surge of anger and jumped out with your trusty fire axe in hand and swung full force into Romano’s back. A loud ragged like scream come from the man as he clasped on the floor face first with a loud ‘thump’. Wheezing in pain on the floor you turned to Germany and walked over to him.

“Oh Germany *sobs* I’m sorry this is all my fault” You said as you started to sob “__-______ *cough* it’s not your fault it’s mine, *cough* I should be the o-one protecting you not the other way around silly” he said as he smiled gently trying to pick himself up, the sound of sirens were heard in the distance as you helped Germany up on to his feet.

..::many weeks later::.

After the incident with the two Italians, they were both sent to jail for an attempt of murder for the both of them. Germany had recovered over the past weeks and also getting hassled by his brother for being such a wimp but what could he say Germany was taken by surprise, you were glad that he had recovered in such a short amount of time well then again he is a country.

But something didn’t seem right something was off, you thought why Italy had to get his brother involved? Was Italy really that hurt? then again they had both tried to kill Ludwig all because Feliciano was jealous but there had to be another reason you couldn’t quite figure it out you tried to not let it bother you too much all that you cared about was Ludwig and his safety.

“_______!!”You heard someone yell your name, you opened your eyes and seen blood everywhere, horrified and lifeless faces you tried to advert your eyes but it felt like someone held your eyes open and forced you to watch then you slowly started to fall, it felt like you were falling down a bottomless pit even you felt a tear escape the corners of your eye, then you wake up to see that Ludwig over you trying to shake you awake.

“_______, thank the gods you’re awake” He said in utter concern with a scared and worried expression on his face, “ahh-hh I don’t know Ludwig I-I everything was..?” you said scared and out of breath what was going on, “_______ you were screaming in your sleep and then started to thrash around like you were on fire, are you alright I’m going to get you some water and a towel to dry up the sweat on your face” Ludwig said in a panicked tone and quickly dashed off. “Ah okay…” You said after he left the room, ‘Damn nightmare’ you thought to yourself.

After a few minutes Ludwig came back with a glass of water and a cold damp cloth to soak up the sweat dripping on your face. He sat beside you with the cloth on your forehead, taking sips of the cool water then once you were done you set the glass and cloth down “_______, what happened?” he finally said.

“I-I don’t really know all I remember was one minute everything was all sunshine and daises then the next….” There was a small pause as you tried to remember what happened, then it hit you “Th-there was blood everywhere people screaming and their faces oh god their faces were horrifying like something out of a horror movie but worse, I couldn’t close my eyes as hard as I tried I couldn’t then I started to fall and it felt like forever until you woke me up and thank god you did because I wouldn’t of gotten out.

After you explained your nightmare to Ludwig, he comforted and helped you relax and told you not to worry even though it was just a nightmare you still were a little shaken. Never in your inter life have you had such a nightmare and it was scary even for you, as you slowly nodded off to sleep one thing was bugging you at the back of your mind.

‘Who was keeping my eyes open? Why did they want me to see so much death? Who can tell does this relate back to what happened between Ludwig and Felicaino maybe?’ you decided to forget what happened and tried to get some sleep.

Germany x Reader Final!
Oh god I am super sorry for keeping you all
waiting like wow it's been
way to long I couldn't think of and ending so cliffhanger much aha 
and sorry for not replying to any of your comments.
I know the ending is a little shabby, btw a BIG THANK YOU for reading my fic 
it's been a pleasure writing it and all the faves it has I was really happy to see that you guys liked it 
so I am thankful for that. thank you
Lily Thank you Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) 
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Ch.2 of GermanyxReader is up!!


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Hey Dudes
I'm Bianca
i'm 16 yrs old
Bands are the best thing that have happened to this world :D
my shit :P
.::::.… I am an admin it's about bands and music so yeah go check it out if
you're interested
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