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You felt your mouth go dry, your eyes rolled at the back of your head you start to feel really hot like you were on fire, you struggled to keep your eyes open, your mind was racing, voices so many voices, your body was shaking, adrenaline was overwhelming you as you thrashed about you were so desperate to get out.
Everything went black
You opened your once (e/c) eyes now red as the fires in hell.
"What the!" the vampire exclaimed and at the brief moment you slipped out of the monsters grip and swiftly back kicked the fuck out the guy's jaw instantly braking it.
Wallowing in pain on the floor trying to nurse his jaw, surprised at you new found strength you turned around to the man with a gun noticing that he has a sly smirk on his face instantly making you suspicious and unsure whether you should trust him or not.
'I am not here to harm you' a voice rang in your head, the same one as before. As you look at the man he nodded to you, unsure of what to think about his gesture you sensed the creature behind you get up, you quickly turned around now seeing not a man nor monster but a hideous creature like thing almost like it was genetically put together like a failed science experiment.
"AHHHGH I'LL GET YOU FOR THAT YOU LITTLE BITCH" it roared at you like a ferrel animal, you were wide eyed you felt like time had stopped but then at the corner of your eye you see a big black dog with multiple heads and thousands upon thousands of red glowing eyes pounce on the creature  that was about to attack you with out even noticing, to busy trying to comprehend what the hell is going on.
As the demon like dog tore the creature apart you felt yourself grow weak and you body feel heavy, mouth going dry.
'Why? Why this? Why is this happening I-I don't understand?' You asked your self as you fell eyes grow heavy as the darkness pulls you in feeling yourself fall onto something soft but tense you looked up dazed ready to be taken away from this nightmare to see the man that was smirking at you before.
'Don't worry my queen you're safe with me now....' He said as you tried to keep you eyes open only to have the darkness take you just a brief moment before you passed out he said 'In time you will wake fully until then... Sweet dreams'.


That's all you could do was run it felt like you had been running for ever like something was after you a monster a creature of the night, you could feel your heart pound inside you chest like it was about to explode but no matter what you had to keep going.
'Just give up'
those were the words of the monster whom was after you that's why you didn't stop, you too refused to give up.
'I will pull apart your entire being until there is nothing left of you' it said as you continued to run down an endless path leading to nowhere.

You ran and ran only for you to turn you head to see if the monster was still after you, to your surprise it had stopped, you started to slow down and paced down to a walk then came to a complete stop, you notice a figure standing not to far from you he was tall and wore a long red trench coat the ends of the coat lightly floated around him then he turned to see you noticing him noticing you.
He slowly but gracefully started to walk over to you, unable to move you felt like your body was in a trance once you looked into his eyes as he stood right before you.
"wake up" he said bluntly, as you looked more deeply into his eyes you felt a searing pain in you neck, then your mouth starts to dry a burning hunger arises, you felt compelled to drain this man of his life force. You reach up to his hight standing on your tippy toes, he stands there smirking to him self as you place one of your hands on his left cheek and the other on his shoulder, he leans into your hand to reveal more of his neck to you, you lean down and open your mouth exposing your fangs breathing out cool air on to his pale complexion, you were so close you could almost taste it now.
'So close' you say to yourself 'just a little more', then a screeching sound like nails on a chalkboard rung threw the air and you let go of the man stumbling back and covering your ears until it stopped, you looked back to the man and noticing his ferrel expression not directed to you but to something behind you, you turned around slowly to see the one thing you regretted on ever laying your eyes on again.
"I must have you, eh ehe eheAHAHAHAHA, you'll make a great test subject for me" he said laughing in a sick twisted way, while you stare in fear as his voice ring out threw your head remembering his voice, "no No NO, GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HEAD YOU-YOU MONSTER!" You screamed out then a big WHOSH and something flew past you, big black like shadow attacked the thing that was affecting you and it disappeared, the black shadow formed it's self into the man that was standing in front of you before, you where still sitting on the floor with your still fear riddled face he walked over to you and picked you up, you could feel yourself fading once again into the darkness wanting to ask many questions but you couldn't your body shut down until you awaken again.

Till next time ;)
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